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Letters, week of Aug. 13

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This government must go

Canada executed a free trade agreement with the United States and Mexico in 1994, and the hollowing out of the Canadian economy was underway.

The United States was given free entry and access to our manufacturing sector. The results of this free trade agreement are as follows:

– Control of our manufacturing sector was given to the U.S

– Industrial concerns were closed

– Jobs were exported worldwide

Canada was never directly compensated for this takeover by the United States and other nations.

In 2014, we have a manufacturing sector in full retreat. Our present government has incurred $350-500 billion in new long-term debt over the past seven years, and has never balanced an annual budget.

Corporate taxes were slashed by $300-400 billion. The interests of the oil sands corporations were protected and enhanced. Public services were diminished, and research and development was ignored at best.

Canada is experiencing five consecutive months of contracting Gross Domestic Product and a recession is imminent.

The present government should be terminated on the basis of their performance.

W. E. Jackson



Neighbourlink continues to serve

Sir: It’s a miracle. There’s no other way to describe Neighbourlink Sarnia-Lambton, a group that is selfless, compassionate, loving, and patient.

Do you like to sleep on the floor? Do you like to hear your tummy grumble? Does your baby need a crib to safely sleep in?

For the first question, a bed might work, any size. Let’s throw in some bedding, pillows, and blankets. Better yet, let’s go for all that at no cost.

Each week, Neighbourlink Sarnia-Lambton meets needs that others can’t. It’s a miracle with a message for so many people in the area.

Children and adults of all ages have needs that come into the office.

Volunteers from different churches answer the phones to co-ordinate meeting those needs. Twenty-five churches in Sarnia help and represent the God who cares about this city within this organization.

The office works with and for the community, connecting donations of furniture, appliances, and medical supplies.

I’ve helped them by referring individuals to food banks where their needs can be best met. Under two part-time directors, Neighbourlink continues to serve. We thank the many volunteers for all their work. We also thank the Salvation Army and every profit or non-profit organization in Sarnia that serves this community with us.

For further information about this vital service, contact 519-336-5465.

Grace and peace,

Samantha Nieuwland

Bright’s Grove


Bad roads and waste

Sir: Your Aug. 6 editorial about the poor state of Sarnia’s streets and Kathy Milliken’s letter about inefficient wind turbines worked well together

The road I live on has been partially resurfaced. Blackwell Side Road is a road that serves three subdivisions with a population of over a thousand residents.

It took longer than we were told to expect, and I saw a lot of what Kathy Milliken saw. In the electrical business there is a saying that when measuring wire it is better to cut it a mile too long than an inch too short.

In the road construction business the contractors believe it is better to have a few more men than a few less.

I believe that most construction projects operate on a cost plus basis. If this is the case, the contractor cannot lose.

In your editorial I saw no mention of Mike Bradley. I know it is just a coincidence, but the city’s industrial tax base started to slide about the first time he was elected mayor.

I haven’t seen much from Teflon Mike to indicate he is a good leader.

Jim Clarkson



Visitors impressed by city’s beauty

Sir: We had company come from Hamilton a couple of weeks ago. We took them to the fish hatchery, which they just loved, watching the big fish swim around.

We also went through downtown, around the water, the bridge and the streets. They were in awe, yes awe.

I told them about the parks and the grass always being cut. They loved the community’s homes with their beautiful flowers.

Sarnia almost had two more residents, but their kids live in Hamilton and so they couldn’t move here. They were so impressed with Sarnia.

We just wanted to compliment all the homeowners and the groundspeople in charge of our parks and the waterfront.

We are so proud to now call Sarnia home.

Judi Brown




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