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Letters: Week of Aug. 10

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Sarnians are owed an explanation for Centennial Park fiasco

The current status of Centennial Park leaves me mystified, and as a former Project Manager I have to question it.

Any project begins with a scope of work and a list of qualified contractors who are asked to bid on the project.

While many projects have a small number of unknowns, the significant cost overruns on this project suggest the scope of work and the list of qualified contractors (based upon previous work) were not done properly in the first place.

What really is hard to accept about this boondoggle is that nobody on city staff is prepared to accept any accountability.

As citizens of Sarnia we have the opportunity to vote council out next year, but nobody on administrative staff is prepared to accept responsibility for this fiasco.

I think the citizens of Sarnia are owed an explanation.

Jim Donaghue, P.Eng.



MP Gladu’s tactics on green energy policy disrespects voters

A mailer I received in the mailbox from CPC MP Marilyn Gladu is circulating falsehoods to area voters.

Quote: ‘The Liberals are prepared to put a federal carbon tax forward ON TOP of various Provincial measures, meaning Canadian families will see a DOUBLE carbon tax along with lost jobs…’

This is simply outright, blatantly false. The Liberal platform is to implement carbon pricing on provinces that DON’T ALREADY have a carbon price or cap & trade program in place.

Education is key here to differentiate fact from CPC fiction. Some 75% plus of Canadians already live in jurisdictions with one or the other in place.

When MP Gladu proclaims Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will levy a carbon tax on top of Ontario’s cap & trade it disrespects voter intelligence.

Voters deserve truth from their representatives, not scare statics and fakery to cajole them into line. Perhaps MP Gladu is running scared since economic growth under the Liberals has already increased as a percentage of GDP to 3.7%, whereas the best the Conservatives did under Stephen Harper in 10 years was a measly 1.6%.

This disingenuous CPC carbon tax tactic reminds me of Harper trying to hoodwink Canadians over the Duffy affair, proving whether Harper or Andrew Scheer is leader nothing at has changed.

MP Gladu seems paralyzed by her own party’s dogma and apparently cannot reveal the truth to Sarnia voters because the foundation of Conservative Party belief on this issue is complete nonsense.

MP Gladu and her party still use a rotary phone and drive a Model T compared to the rest of the industrialized world and its green action plans, with carbon pricing already well established in nations all over the world. Even energy giants Exxon, Mobil1 and Royal Dutch Shell are on board with carbon pricing.

Sorry MP Gladu, but Donald Trump will be the odd man out at this game, and he will lose. With MP Gladu’s Conservatives it’s all about message and marketing; truth and integrity mean nothing. Voters deserve much better than that.

Stanton Earle


Stop delaying and start rebuilding the old hospital lands

Sir: I am a senior citizen and I pride myself in staying informed about local politics and how it affects the city.

I was so disappointed when Coun. Dave Boushy moved to delay the decision to go ahead the Sarnia General Hospital site proposal.

I know there has been lots of public input over the last few years, including two information sessions that were open to the public.

And I understand that in the proposal from GFIVE Inc. there will be more opportunities for input during the demolition and rebuilding process.

So let’s stop the delay and start moving forward for the betterment of this city.

I would like to see it done in my lifetime!

Margaret Matson


Fixing and releasing feral cats disregards city’s own bylaw

The July 27 story about Cat Chance states that Trap, Neuter, and Return is a scientifically proven method to control cat populations.

But how does this in any way prevent the spread of disease or the ‘cat fouling’ of gardens?

Sarnia’s Dog and Cat Bylaw, section 3.14 states: “No person shall allow a cat to run at large.” Do these cats have an ‘assumed’ owner? Can the city ignore its own bylaws?

Section 3.12 states: “No person shall keep more than two cats per adult.”

Feral cats, neutered or not, are free to spray and dig in peoples’ gardens.

The ‘Bambi attitude’ does nothing for the peace of mind of most home-dwellers. And what about the thousands of birds these cats destroy?


Bill Scott


A crosswalk already exists on Exmouth Street near the trail

Sir: Re: Proposed the crosswalk at Howard Watson Trail and Exmouth Street.

I am not sure a crosswalk will do much to improve the safety of trail users crossing Exmouth. The only safe and now available way is to walk down to the Exmouth- Pontiac Drive traffic lights (already equipped with pedestrian crossing signals), cross the street and walk back to the trail.

Total elapsed time is five to six minutes. (Yes, I walked and timed it). Safe, and at no cost to the Sarnia taxpayers.

Most people using the trail do so for the exercise. Surely they are fit enough to add a few more yards to their route.

As to the dear old lady with her four-wheel, manual drive walker who darted in front of the car I was driving east on Exmouth Street, only The Good Lord can keep her safe.

No pedestrian crossing system has been devised yet to deal with senility and/or stupidity.

I considered addressing this communication to the Sarnia Engineering/Traffic Department, with a copy to Mayor Bradley, but given the current politically charged atmosphere at City Hall I did not wish to stir up another hornet’s nest.

Steve Souwand



A simple solution could reduce Hwy 402 truck carnage


Sir: This is not another cranky letter about how the Liberals have messed up my province.  They know that already.

This note is all about Highway 402 through Sarnia and how one simple move by the Transportation Ministry could save some lives.

There’s an MTO commercial vehicle scale office a few kilometers east of Sarnia.  Across the road on the westbound side of the highway is space for another set of scales that was cleared but never built on.

It sat empty for years, and a portable toilet found it’s way there. I would often see tractor-trailers parked there at all hours. I don’t know when it happened but one day I drove by and this wide parking area was blocked off.

Some genius in the ministry must have had a reason for doing this. If we could find this person I’m sure they could tell us.

This wide space designed for large vehicles to move in and out of should be re-opened ASAP.  Drivers rested there and did their cross-border paperwork there.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some semi operators make last minute calls and even enter data when they approach the border.

Let’s get real crazy and light the area and put some toilets in there, and some signage up the road apiece to tell operators this place exists for their benefit.


Ed Williamson


‘Cool Justin’ Trudeau doing a good job of bankrupting nation


Sir: Justin Trudeau tries to convince the heavily burdened Canadian taxpayers that he ‘saved them money’ by settling a lawsuit brought about by terrorist murderer Omar Khadr.

It was even arranged that the victim’s family, who had a lawsuit against him, were unable to tap into the big bucks the Liberal government paid him.

Obviously they believe that a murdering terrorist who fought against American and Canadian soldiers alongside his terrorist father deserves not only an apology, but a big payout.

Soldiers who fought for, not against Canada, are finding themselves jobless and homeless and their widows and orphans are paid a pittance. Trudeau paid the big bucks to a murderer instead.

There’s something very wrong with this picture.  Had the government at least fought the ridiculous lawsuit it would have shown some intelligence and integrity on its part.

In an unrelated matter, Trudeau donated $241.5 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation “to support projects that will provide critical sexual and reproductive health issues around the world.”

Good grief! Is he just looking for ways to bankrupt this country?  He has, in my not so humble opinion, forgotten that he was elected to work for the Canadian people, not just to be ‘cool Justin’ who rolls up his sleeves to take selfies with everyone in every photo op available to him.

Trudeau is attempting to win popularity worldwide at the expense of the Canadian taxpayer.  The Liberals also donated a big chunk of change (millions) to the foundation of his friend, the Aga Khan, with whom he spent the Christmas holidays.

The ethics commissioner has not yet ruled on his conflict of interest issue. It’s been over seven months — wonder why?

I suspect the commissioner is a Liberal appointed position. Something like an ‘integrity commissioner’?

Bernice Rade





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