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Letters, week of Oct. 30

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Nature trail trumps car traffic

Sir: In reply to Mr. McClintock’s insightful letter in your Oct. 23 edition, I would like to ask a few questions.

Mr. McClintock, if you moved near the airport, would you like to cancel the flights the rest of us use because the noise is an inconvenience to you?

Should those of us that regularly use the nature trail have it altered for the convenience of those of you that chose to live in a poorly accessed area?

Who will pay for this development? The developer? Your neighbours? Certainly not all of us? Who will compensate the homeowners whose homes now back onto a beautiful trail, but you would have a small road? Mr. Cuthbert is right. This decision to alter the trail should take into consideration all that use it. I live on Logan Street East, close to the trail. I regularly use the trail to access nature trails, the dog park, and areas north of the 402 without having to deal with narrow sidewalks or traffic.

While on the trail I see students, seniors, bird watchers, running groups, all using the under pass for the same reason: it is not a road.

Mr. McClintock, I am sorry you are unhappy with your geographical location and its traffic problems. Thank you for the consideration your opinion shows to all of us who were using the trail long before your subdivision existed. In the future, research big life decisions like traffic conditions in a prospective neighbourhood before moving.

For now, the “no brainer” to your dissatisfaction is to move. May I suggest my neighbourhood? We have excellent access, walking distance to shops, schools, bus routes, and a beautiful nature trail that runs north under the 402 all the way to Camlachie.


Trevor Mitchell


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