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Letters, week of November 13

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Halloween photo was offensive

Sir: It was with shock and disbelief that I saw your photo on the front page of the Sarnia Journal, Issue 35.

I particularly was offended regarding young people exploiting the severed human heads and people hanging from trees. Only recently we in Canada witnessed the tragedy in Ottawa and Quebec, which made us all aware of what terrorists are doing all around this world.

You only have to turn on the TV and see in real life actual acts of terror.  It is disgusting that young people find it humorous and entertaining to display these acts on the front lawn.

Young people are impressionable and seem to get gratification from displays of violence. How do you think you would feel if you were a family member of one of these victims who actually had a loved one beheaded or killed in this dreadful fashion?

Shame on the people to allow such a display. Have they no sympathy?

Let me be clear, I have no objection whatsoever with children having fun on Halloween, creative costumes or displays, but in this day and age it has gone too far and becoming dangerous and influential in the minds of our young people. There are certain pictures the television will not show because it is disturbing to people, and yet these things are featured in our neighbourhoods and in your newspaper.

ISIS would enjoy seeing their beheading activities being given free publicity.  This is their motivation for doing it. Surely we should not be playing into their hands by displaying it in our neighborhood.

Can we not remember our fallen soldiers and victims and their families with a little more dignity and respect?

M. A. Long


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