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Letters, Week of May 15

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Time to take action on detox centre

Sir: Re: Sarnia’s mayor failing to have a detox/withdrawal management centre.

A previous letter writer was right, it’s a decade later and we still don’t have one. But a decade ago Sarnia did not have a new hospital either, or the resources to have it. The old Sarnia General was rundown and needed repairs or a new hospital built.

Now, with a much larger, newer hospital and up-to-date equipment and services, would now be the time to look at it again?

It would be nice to have our new hospital provide services for addiction, helping people with a disease, and not have to turn anyone away to have them find a detox centre on their own.

Sure, Sarnia lacks services. Change cannot be made unless you bring it to council, and come out and express your concerns to move on it.

Our mayor and council can make it happen, and let’s give credit where credit is due.

All things take time, so now that we have a much bigger and more modern hospital, let’s keep our sick people here and not send them way to get help elsewhere.

Marie Timperley



Petition to save Coronation Park Day Nursery

I’m petitioning to save Coronation Park Day Nursery for the main reason that it’s the only day care service that meets the needs of my children.

Each and every staff member who works there has a college education in early childhood education. They are well equipped to provide care, including to children with special needs such as Down syndrome and autism. They deserve each and every penny of their modest hourly wage.

Many children including my own require additional help to get them on the best start in life, which included occupational therapy and speech therapy.

My son received an early diagnosis because screening at this day-care centre is standard care. I accredited this early diagnosis to his success with the progress of his severe speech dysfluency and fine motor skill deficiency.

This service is not available at private day-care centres, nor would I be able to leave work on a regular basis to take him to the Pathways Health Centre for treatment.

This is a highly sought after day-care centre due to its 42 year reputation of offering the children of Sarnia high quality day care and Best Start resources. The wait list for this centre is long to new families, and I’m afraid of what the wait list will be for other centres when the 169 children of Coronation Park are turned away.

My worst fear is that that there aren’t available spots. Quitting my full-time job is not an option. I don’t want to be on financial assistance because child-care services are not available.

Our goal as parents is to offer our children the best start in life. Coronation Park meets those needs.

Sarnia’s senior management should also be striving for this goal with the investment of our children.


Maryann Anderson




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