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Letters, week of June 5

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What jobs for Sarnia, Mr. Bailey?

Sir: With Coronation Park and Lambton College’s day care closing, what plan does PC candidate Bob Bailey have for parents in the provision of community child care?

With the Lambton Generating Station bidding adieu and the foundations of Lanxess on quicksand, does Mr. Bailey have, with all his background in industry, a potential list of employers he plans on attracting to Sarnia?

Suggestion: A culinary school employing chefs of multicultural ethnicities may be a good idea at the old Mitton Street site of Bluewater Health. It would surely give me immense hope.

He may want to disclose his agenda to taxpayers prior to even thinking of displaying his lawn signs.

 Shiba Raza



Voters face generational divide

Sir: During a recent drive, I noticed how electoral lawn signs don’t reflect the published polls… polls that in my opinion are very skewed.  I have NEVER received a call or knock on my door because I work and am never home during the day.  Our older generation who are now retired are home, AND they control the electoral of this country!  This is a problem!  There is a huge cross section of this city that should be participating in this election, and are not.

The polls in this town reflect a lot of support for what I feel is an aged and past-his-prime candidate.  How can I relate to that?  Both Anne Marie Gillis and Bob Bailey are much older than me, grandparents, have worked their careers, and have advanced to a lifestyle that I won’t be able to achieve for quite a few years. Are they going to work for me?  They don’t know what I’m going through in my life, as this is a vastly different world from the one they experienced 20 to 25 years ago.  They can only relate to their own peers, and that is a problem in this town.

While at the Farmers’ Market, I saw Brian White casually strolling through the crowd, and I was not surprised.  I will proudly cast my vote for Brian White not in support of the NDP, but rather in support of a man who can relate to me. He has young children, a wonderful wife, pays a mortgage, and lives a style of life in Sarnia that most of this town’s established and up-and-coming business leaders live.  Where were our other candidates?

No matter your opinion of Tim Hudak, Andrea Horwath or Kathleen Wynne, we don’t vote for them, we vote for our riding. Collectively, all of the ridings are tabulated to determine who will lead our province.

Please keep in mind who you can relate to and who you feel will work for you when you cast your vote.

 Kip McMillan



Firefighters endorse Gillis

Sarnia’s professional fire fighters are endorsing Liberal candidate Anne Marie Gillis in the Sarnia-Lambton riding.

“We believe Anne Marie will be a great addition to the Liberal caucus at Queen’s Park,” said local president Chris Jewell. “Her position on public safety means that she will be able to effectively advocate to improve fire fighter safety and well-being.”

Anne Marie Gillis is a strong supporter of public safety and our local fire fighters.

“We support those who support us,” added provincial president Mark McKinnon. “There is too much at stake in this election for us to sit on our hands, which is why we will be working for Anne Marie Gillis; to ensure that we elect people who understand the important role fire fighters play in our community.”

 Chris Jewell

President, Sarnia PFFA L492

Mark McKinnon

President, Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association 



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