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Letters, week of July 31

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Point Lands sadly neglected

Sir: With Centennial Park overgrown and fenced off and all the great entertainment taking place elsewhere, I’m more then a little sad to see how little the city cares about the Cedar Tree Maze and Great lakes model on The Point Lands.

Beyond Sarnia Bay Marina is a nice walkway and a clear-cut green field with a place to overlook the water. My issue is this — with city hall spending so much on flowers downtown couldn’t they could pay someone for one day to clear out the overgrown maze and make it family-friendly?

Having said that, I think having the mini-Great Lakes model filled with water again wouldn’t hurt either.

Many families in my area have no means of transportation to get to all these summer events held elsewhere.

These two sites would make for a nice little day or afternoon outing.

Could anyone reading this help? It just really sucks that those two attractions have been neglected. Sarnia can do better!

Ashley Elise Williamson



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