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Letters, week of July 10

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Mother’s death was horrifying

I’m assuming that “physician-assisted” dying is not applicable in Sarnia.

I say this because my Mom was allowed to die in palliative care but without any assistance from a physician (whatever that is.)

I think people need to be aware of exactly what takes place after making such a decision for a loved one.  In our case, all medications were withheld, with the small exception of painkillers, which proved to be useless.

Also food and water is withheld, causing the patient to dehydrate and starve to death.  Is there anything more inhumane than this?

Turns out, it is the most horrifying death imaginable for our loved ones, not too mention the unbearable pain for any family that has to watch this.

Think it over people.  I think it to be a terrible mistake, and I could never do it again, and deeply regret the decision to do so in my Mom’s case.

 Shelley Smith




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