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Letters, week of Jan. 29

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Our laws and culture not based on Christianity

Re: Letter of Jan. 22, ‘Our culture based on Judeo-Christian values.’ In it, Rick Kneller states, ‘Our democracy, judicial system and social mores are firmly based on Judeo-Christian values and ethics.’

The fact of the matter is that nothing could be further from the truth. Our laws and success were due in large part to literally thieving the most abundant and untouched agricultural and mineral rich areas in the land from the indigenous people living there, discarding them to barren and depleted reserves and/or religiously indoctrinating them, and planning it all from booze-filled taverns, which is about the opposite of what Jesus said.

Most recent census data shows only 16% of Canadians attend church on any regular basis, and many people checking off ‘Catholic’ or ‘Protestant’ on the form and who haven’t been to a church in years if not decades are shepherded into the ‘Christian’ category, anyway.

Census data also reveals the majority of Canadians oppose churches dictating political policy in any way.

Our Canadian national anthem says, “God” keep our land glorious and free; not “Jesus” keep our land glorious and free. That’s because the writer knew ‘God’ could refer to any God, or to any person’s concept of a ‘God.’

The original lyrics to the Canadian National Anthem contained no specific religious references at all. Those original lyrics were written by a French Canadian in 1880 and in 1908 were translated by an Englishman who added no religious references, either.

Judeo-Christian religious code is not the basis of Canadian law or culture and it never was. Our laws, culture and social mores are based on common law and civil law, not Christianity – or on any religion, for that matter.

Our law starts with our Constitution and our civil liberties, rule of law and due process trace to the Magna Carta, not to the Bible or to any religion.

What’s next? That our laws are based on the Ten Commandments? That would be equally as ridiculous.

Stanton Earle



Rid us of CBC talking heads

Sir: Earlier this month the billion-dollar CBC admitted that it had engaged in spin-doctoring of the news regarding the Middle East, out of fear for the safety of its talking heads.

Thank God this bunch wasn’t around during World War Two. Otherwise, all Hitler had to do was behead a few journalists, put them on a 24-hour news cycle, and WW2 would have been off the front pages and lame street media.

Here’s my solution for the public safety of journalists, which would save the taxpayer millions. Replace the teleprompter readers with a camera pointed at the teleprompter, with a voice-over.

Teleprompter safety is a non-issue, and it doesn’t require a salary, pension, sick benefits, clothing, and travelling or haircut allowances, saving the CBC millions with no loss of service or credibility.

K. P. Tomkins

Point Edward


Trivia music quote was off-key

Sir: I enjoy trivia and find the ten trivia questions in the weekly Journal indeed a challenge.

However, in the Jan. 22 edition I noticed a common misquoted saying by poet William Congreve. The actual quote is: “Music hath charms that soothe a savage breast.” The following sentence is, “to soften rocks, or bend the knotted oak.”

Keep up the excellent reporting at The Sarnia Journal. That rare misquotes or misspellings occur, and are noticed, shows that “the journal” is being widely read.

Keep up the good work.

Fred Phillips



 Lots of stuff for youth to do

Sir: Re: The letter “Nothing for teens to do.”

Many of the youth in Sarnia-Lambton complain that there isn’t much for them to do in this community, but in fact there is lots.

Our youth need to engage themselves more and search out opportunities. I’m sure many do not know that there is a Boys and Girls Club here in Sarnia, which offers many free recreational programs and volunteer opportunities.

The Boys and Girls Club offers a safe and fun atmosphere where youth can enjoy activities such as billiards, air hockey, computers, cooking lessons, movie nights and more.

We like our youth to personalize the space, so we are open to suggestions as to what they are looking for.  If they want a coffee café to relax after school, for example, we can make it happen. It’s all up to them.

Visit www.bgcsarnia.com or call 519-337-3651.

Lisa Lanouette

Program Coordinator

Boys and Girls Club of Sarnia/Lambton






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