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Letters, week of Dec. 18

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Nothing for teens to do in Sarnia

Sir: My name is Emma and I am 13-years-old. I am writing to address a concern I have.

Many have not noticed that there is simply nothing for teens to do in Sarnia!

It is a daily struggle for me and my friends to find beneficial things to do with ourselves. Many of the things we do when hanging out are not the most healthy habits.

Going to the movies provides no exercise and is extremely loud. Hanging out at the mall just means eating junk food and buying overpriced items that we don’t really need anyways. And going to a coffee shop is very expensive and just loads us up with caffeine.

Teens in Sarnia need something fun and healthy to do.

I have noticed many empty buildings just sitting around. Couldn’t one of them be turned into somewhere for teens to go?

Please, I ask anyone reading this, can you please give us something healthy to do with our spare time?

Emma Brain



Christian traditions lost

Sir: Another Christmas and festive season is here and now more than ever we need to renew our Christian values and traditions.

With the crisis in the Middle East and around the world, and pockets of radical behaviour in our homeland, we need to band together for renewed Christian fellowship.

Thanks to our government, and being politically correct, we now no longer have our traditional Christmas concerts in our public schools.

Any group or individual not respecting our age-old traditions are not worthy of becoming Canadians.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Daniel Marshall

Bright’s Grove

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