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Letters, week of Aug. 14

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 City sign bylaw is ridiculous

Sir: I would like to comment on the July 29 article regarding Matteo’s Pizza, and the bylaw restricting the sign in front of his business.

I think the ridiculous bylaw regarding signs is getting stupider. The city should be helping small businesses, but instead is making it almost impossible for them to survive.

It’s time bylaws were changed for the businesses, not for city hall and the people who made them.

Times are getting harder nowadays and its time for change – yes, change. The city is a laughing joke with its ridiculous sign bylaw.

This city needs business. It shouldn’t be discouraging owners with petty ridiculousness.

The city said it is going to work with the public to educate and explain the reasoning for the bylaw changes.

I think it’s time the public educates the people making these stupid bylaws, so they will get down to business and work with business owners and stop working against them.

 Marie Timperley


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