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LETTERS, week of April 24

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UFO sighting corroborated

 Editor’s note:  An April 10 Journal article on UFO sightings over Sarnia referred to mysterious red and white lights witnessed by four people near Lansdowne Park the night of March 30. That sparked the following report from an anonymous Sarnian to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

“On the evening of March 30th I went outside to relax in the hot tub. The sky was clear and I was looking at the stars and what appeared to be Jupiter in the east and when I turned to look to the south there was a bright round light in the sky, roughly 22 to 30 degrees above the horizon. I noticed it because it wasn’t there a few minutes before.

At first I didn’t think there was anything unusual as there is a fair amount of air traffic around here, but as I watched it seemed to be not moving.

The light was bright white, like an airplane landing light and as I watched it got larger and brighter and gave the appearance of coming directly towards me.

It became very bright and was perfectly round. Then it seemed to turn away, to the east and quickly faded to orange and disappeared completely. After returning to the house I thought that was the oddest aircraft light and movement, and I’ve seen plenty of aircraft at night. I decided to write this account because a few days later the local newspaper reported many sightings of strange lights in the sky along the border areas of Michigan and Ontario.”

Blue Jays recognize military personnel

Sir: I would like people to know the special effects of the Toronto Blue Jays opener.

Besides the beginning of the baseball season, a young serviceman with an awesome voice sang both national anthems.

Then athletes from both Olympics appeared with their medals (they had been specially invited). And then from centre to right field the huge Olympic Canadian flag was stretched out, and who was holding it? Military officers who had served in Afghanistan.

It was a very emotional tribute, and remembered those who didn’t return.

Throughout the evening, as the military people filtered through the crowd and enjoyed the game, it was so nice to see fans shake their hands, pat them on the back, say thank you and hear the words, “Great to have you home.”

Canadian pride showed loud and clear.

Marie Cebulski


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