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Letters to the editor, Week of June 19

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Poor Father’s Day for homeless

Sir: June 15th was Father’s Day, the day River City Vineyard had to close the doors of its homeless shelter, as ordered by the court.

This was brought on by the City of Sarnia council. Coun. Anne Marie Gillis said she was glad the court upheld the law, because if we don’t enforce these laws, why have a law. I am paraphrasing.

Many laws have been changed for the betterment of the community and many unfortunately for the betterment of corporations.

This time we chose to uphold the law. Well, congratulations to us. To those that wanted this, I hope you enjoyed this Father’s Day while we put some who may be fatherless, or might be fathers in need of help, out on the street.

This was a sad Father’s Day for us, Sarnia-Lambton. How did we let this happen?

 Tom VanSickle

Sombra, ON


Liberals blind to baby’s plight

Sir: If Justin Trudeau is forcing Liberal candidates to support abortion in all cases, then he is also forcing them to support partial birth abortion.

Most Canadians are unaware of this process but it is just as the name implies. The baby is actually 80% delivered when the life is terminated.

There is a very graphic video on YouTube that clearly shows the process.  However, the video is so gruesome you may want to read, rather than see, how the pregnancy/life is terminated.  This process is rarely talked about but in this age of public awareness everyone should be informed as to what is taking place.

Abortion is brutal whether it occurs inside or outside the womb but, unfortunately, due to the continual Liberal shift to the left, the choice to be blind to the plight of the baby may continue to win out.

 Cory Van Veller

Bright’s Grove


Is crime rate on the rise?

Sir: In the summer of 2011 two hanging flower baskets were stolen from our front lawn.

Around the same time my spouse’s unlocked van was tampered with on driveway. Numerous maps were taken from the front glove box, and Blue Water Bridge tokens were removed from the front drawer and strewn all over the front passenger seat.

Since then, our home was broken into by someone who entered an upper level bedroom window. About $190 was stolen and Sarnia police contacted.

I was under the erroneous assumption that Sarnia was a small town and an excellent place to raise kids. I had been used to keeping my front entrance unlocked while at home.

Why is the crime rate on the rise?

 Shiba Raza



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