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Letters: week of Jan. 10

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Heartbreaking theft of nativity scene about as low as you can get

Last month we found part of our Christmas display stolen right off our front steps.

It was near the front door and consisted of a large, clay chimenea containing a nativity scene. There were small pieces of cedar boughs around the figurines, a light inside to shine down on the Christ child, and a gold star on top.

It broke my heart for it to be gone in such a callous way. It was a special Christmas present from my children many years ago and meant so much to me.

The nativity scene was about 100 years old and was brought to Canada from Holland when my family immigrated to Canada.

The chimenea design featured a large face, with eyes, a big nose, and the top portion of the fire hole in the shape of a top lip.

This is a one-of-a-kind chimenea and both it and the nativity scene are cherished keepsakes.

If you have seen it or know where it is, please call Sarnia Police at 519-491-7389 (Case # RM18003403) or myself at 519-491-7389.

Stealing a nativity set representing the birth of Jesus, the very meaning of why we celebrate Christmas, is about as low as it gets.


Jane Vanderkant


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