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LETTER: ‘When it comes to human lives, and human rights, I believe we should take no sides.’

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Dear Sir/Madam:

As you see on the news, Israel‘s war in Gaza is brutal. I strongly condemn Hamas’s attack on Israeli civilians on Oct 7. It targeted both military and civilian targets and that’s definitely unacceptable and wrong. It further brought upon the Palestinian people an unprecedented level of violence and retaliation.

While Israel has the right to defend itself, it also has a responsibility to do so in a measured response. What we see today on a daily basis is extreme revenge targeting civilians who are caught between Israel and Hamas.

The situation there is dire, and the countless casualties of children, women and men are heartbreaking.

The Palestinian people in Gaza are suffering, having no clean water, food, fuel, aid, medicine, shelter, or refuge.

Every day brings on more suffering, pain and scores of dead!

When it comes to human lives, and human rights, I believe we should take no sides but what seems to be fair and just.

We will live only but once, as such each of us will be responsible for their own actions. I personally condemn the violence done by individuals as well as countries. I condemn both Hamas and Israel’s aggression against civilians alike.

When will the Canadian government and opposition parties ask for a ceasefire?

Why are they shying away from condemning Israel’s aggression against the Palestinian civilians?  

Sahar Nasr

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