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LETTER: Voting was easy; deciding who to vote for wasn’t

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Voting on-line was easy.

Picking who to vote for was very hard.

There are so many new faces willing to serve our City, together they bring a wide range of life experience, education, and diversity.

I have to think the new Caregiver Benefit gave the opportunity for so many people with young families into the race.

So how did I choose?

Well, my first goal was to look for the people who were most likely to work well with others.

I also looked for people that were independent and not aligned with any of the usual Sarnia suspects and cabals.

I also looked for out-of-the-box thinkers. People with new ideas. People who didn’t have all the answers because they knew that a new collaborative Council would develop their own synergy with each other. That synergy would grow a new approach with new ideas.

Suddenly the list of candidates got a lot shorter…and then there were the incumbents and previous Councillors.

Who of them were unattached to any special interest groups? Who of them would take the time to mentor our new Councillors without letting their egos get in the way.

I only came up with four.

D. Martin


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