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LETTER: MPPs behaviour was ‘unprofessional and inappropriate’

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I was recently sent a Facebook link to the Legislature of Ontario, dated November 3.
CUPE representatives were shouting at the Conservatives; suddenly I saw Bob Bailey stand up, smile widely and wave to the CUPE people.

This demonstrated unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour. He was elected to represent all of Sarnia Lambton, union and non-union people alike.

I believe he has not shown any respect for the electorate and should be held accountable for his actions.

(Facebook link:

His actions have left me feeling disgusted and sad. He is part of the government that Ontario elected, and should be held to a higher standard; but make no mistake, we will continue to fight the good fight, for healthcare, for education, for farmers, for people with disabilities, for the elderly and the vulnerable, for environmental advocacy groups, for poverty groups, and for all public programs that benefit the people of Ontario!

I am asking all members of the public to support our efforts: healthcare advocacy, education, disability and poverty advocacy, environmental advocacy, children’s groups and all others. Tell Doug Ford to discipline Bob Bailey.

The Premier’s Toronto number is 416-325-1941. You can reach him by email at [email protected]

Shirley Roebuck
Sarnia-Lambton Health Coalition

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