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LETTER: Series on homelessness an important read for all

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Dear Editor:

I just read the Journal, and I just want to say Cathy and Glenn are doing an awesome job on their Stories from the Street series that returned earlier this week.

I’ll be looking forward to tomorrow.

The best part it is truthful, yet written with kindness and respect.

The community needs to be educated and informed. Many of these people are trying and doing their best, facing difficult times.

For many — for a time period — not forever.

We need to remember this could be any of us, if tragic hits. I’ve known Lynn Le Faive from years back and I know what a wonderful person she is. She sees the reaction, to a smile, a little bit of encouragement or simply saying I love you. We are no different — just more fortunate.

So I believe those that are lucky enough to have a roof over their head, a soft bed and food to eat — the best thing we can do is not judge, be kind, and donate to the proper agencies. So glad to have the Sarnia Journal coming back soon (in print), once a month, and hopefully more often.

Marie Cebulski

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