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LETTER: ‘Sarnia, suffered through one council…but we got lucky with this last one’

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Anne Marie Gills’ statement, (The Journal, Meet the Candidates, Oct. 5) “I just couldn’t sit back..” Neither could I, without responding.

She said that, because, she’s been “dismayed” by what she’s seen, with this city council.
What “dismayed” her, is “hostility” of council members, to each other.” During, this last year of their term, I witnessed two members, display a personality conflict, which, did mar the usually, peaceful proceedings. Both offenders, have since, made apologies, to each other.

Perhaps, she’s forgotten the “hostility” of the previous, city council. When, civility descended into malicious verbal attacks, and vindictive actions, against the mayor. That, was more than a petty, personality conflict. That, was more than, mere “hostility.” That, was blind, mindless, vengeance. Without, any apologies.

After, her last electoral loss, (in reference to the mayor’s actions) she said “I don’t think this is going to be the end, of anything. I’m afraid, it’s going to be, the beginning.” It was the beginning…of a civil, collaborative, council.

Collaborative, respectful, councils, can achieve many things. Civility, integrity, objectivity, and allowing civilian input, builds a successful community. Sarnia, suffered through one council, which lost sight of those things, but we got lucky, with this last one. Here’s hoping, we’ll make good choices, again.

D. Allan

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