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LETTER: Remembering Larry Gordon

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To the Editor:

The Sarnia area has lost a legend in Larry Gordon. I count myself lucky to have been able to start my journalism career as a summer reporter for CHOK in the summer of 1998, working under Larry Gordon.

By the time I started at the station, I knew Larry only by his sterling reputation. However, when I began working with him and learning from watching him, I was able to see what a professional he was and what a decent man he was.

He never spoke down to anyone and was unceasingly fair to everyone he spoke to, either professionally or otherwise.

He took the time to teach me and never treated me like anything other than an equal. His ability to get out in front of issues and stories was something I watched firsthand, with awe.

Having worked for newspapers over the years, there was always a joke floating around about how the radio stations followed the lead of the papers.

Larry was a step ahead of everyone in that summer when I worked for him.

His status as the dean of broadcast journalism in the area is well deserved. While many will remember him for his time on the radio or his fine work as a councillor in Point Edward, I will remember him for the fine human being he was.

He will be missed.


Michael Hammond

Ottawa, Ont.

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