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LETTER: Not everyone is playing polite this election

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With election time, comes the heated debates!

Which is fine.

People will express their opinions regardless, from being rude, to being an angel. But what’s unfortunate is the unethical behaviour of certain influencers in the community whose passions get ahead of their conscience.

For example, a Facebook page called Sarnia Votes 2022, a page that claimed and appeared to be non-partisan, came out and announced a “candidate report card.” They scored candidates with a point system based on their own set of criteria.

This quickly escalated into complaints from other candidates and the community. That group was used as a reliable source for non-partisan information. The page gained that audience through trust. Five admins of the group never revealed their identities, which should have been a red flag for anyone.

But we’re Canadian. We want to believe our community is exercising what’s morally right.

But unfortunately, the zeal for political control in our city won some people’s hearts.

I’m all for spicy politics. But let’s remember that there is a line between right and wrong and when the line gets crossed, these polite Canadians tend to get their back up.

B. McCaskill


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