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LETTER: Northgate merchants save the day

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Dear Editor:

Misplacing/losing car keys, etc. can be such an inconvenience. It has happened to all of us one time or another; or it could be eye glasses, wallet, credit card holder, etc. You trace your steps and get this panicky/sinking feeling and regret you don’t have a second key.

Such was the predicament of my myself and friend Gloria while shopping at Northgate recently. First stop was Labels For Less to find designer labels. The outdoor rack was being wheeled inside as it was closing time until Monday. Accommodating guy that he is, Bob said “come on in,” so we went inside for about 10 minutes which was not enough time for a proper shop, so we left.

Next, we visited Dollarama, purchasing a few items, then making our way to my car. Our next and final stop would be Boulevard Restaurant for fish tacos! But wait a minute, keys are not in purse? Gloria turned it upside down looking. Back to Dollarama we go, tracing our steps hoping the keys could be found, but to no avail. Staff tried to help us reach Bob and Gloria decided to call for a tow only to find it was a two hour wait. Plan B would be to get a taxi to downtown and leave car at Northgate till Monday. Before we left, we looked through the side window of the store and I spied my keys sitting on a display table!

Upon arrival at Boulevard we were welcomed at the door by a friendly, smiling server named Andrea who saw our stricken faces and said “what is wrong?” We chimed together “we are locked out of car and keys are inside Labels For Less!”

“Oh we can fix that! Come right in.”

Next up another friendly server, Janice, pulled out her cellphone; click, click went the keys and after sending a (business) facebook message, within five minutes she had reached Bob’s wife who passed it on to Bob who said he would meet us back at his store in ten minutes and unlock the door!

Sure enough he kept his word, showing us what customer service truly means. Once inside, I made my way to the display table and there they sat…the elusive keys!

Once in the car, we ‘burned rubber’ to the restaurant. Inside, there was a party atmosphere, one guy serving yelled “did you find Bob?” Gloria and I thanked and hugged Andrea and Janice.

This is one adventure I do not wish to repeat. However, if you can find good-hearted, caring people to help, the end result can be surprising.

Thanks Bob/Labels For Less, Dollarama staff and Andrea and Janice at Boulevard.

Nadine Wark

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