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LETTER: More calls for city to scrap parking enforcement around schools

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Dear Editor:

In a recent Letter to the Editor the author talks about the by-law enforcement around the schools. I consider myself fortunate in that my children could walk to their public school although they still had to cross a busy roadway. Many parents do not have the luxury of living close to a school and if no bus is available then they must drop off and pick up their children.

I walk by Errol Road School every morning and can state that the majority of children attending come by bus or are dropped off.

I watch young parents dropping off their children. They are there for five minutes and then leave. Try doing it when it is raining or snowing and there are other children to care for.

When the City did work on the intersection, they narrowed one part of Errol Road, thereby taking away valuable parking space. We cannot blame the parents for the lack of proper parking.

There are schools in Sarnia near intersections where parking is scarce. Unless there is some dangerous situation at hand, common sense should prevail and a grace period be given for temporary parking.

Phil Nelson

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