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LETTER: Let’s give city councillor a chance to learn and move on

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Re: City Council abruptly adjourns after councillor’s outburst

Dear Editor:

Can we hit the brakes?

Over the last number of days, I see opinions regarding the ‘outburst’ by Councillor Dennis.

This reminds me of the school yard scuffles — one is down and everyone ‘piles on’ — kick’em while they’re down.

Can we step back for a moment, let the chips fall… maybe hear from Councillor Dennis?

On an Internet site, he expressed regret.

I’m sure he may be looking in the rearview mirror and feels there was a bad moment.

Learn from it.

If only all of us were perfect.

Negativity gets us nowhere. A ‘seasoned friend’ commented… “it’s said, it’s done, wash your hands and get back to work.”

Councillor Dennis has many bridges to build and trust to be restored.

If, and if, we are an understanding community, let’s give Dennis the opportunity.


Mike Murray

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