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LETTER: ‘Let’s do better to end acts of hate in Sarnia-Lambton’

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Dear Editor:

The level of hate in this community is palpable at times, and I have been witness to, and often hear of acts of hate upon persons of colour, Indigenous, 2SLQBTQ, homeless, mentally ill, those living with addiction, and others.

It’s very clear that even the so-called leadership of this community participate, as do others. Acts perpetrated by anyone towards another based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender are not only wrong, they are a violation of one’s rights and often breach the existing laws. However, little to nothing is done.

Our Community here is better than that; we are accepting, welcoming and affirming.

These incidents – the online hate and acts in public – have to stop.

Those people need to be held responsible and called out no matter who they are.

Being elected to a position does not give license or freedom to continue. Let’s do better, let’s be better, and put an end to hate in Sarnia-Lambton, now.

James Anger

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