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LETTER: If 11.5% puts more boots on the streets, I’m in

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Our Sarnia Police Service has requested an 11.5% increase in their operating budget. I see opposition to such an increase.

Question the increase, absolutely and let’s ensure it is justified.

Now, look at the big picture. People are missing, there are searches along our waterfront.

Our blue-line has been seizing lethal drugs, weapons and cash. Substance abuse is on the rise. Petty theft is on the rise.

The expectations of our frontline workers have certainly altered within time.

Note, this is not a ‘home grown issue,’ read the news… it is widespread.

I don’t feel ‘imprisoned’ in my home, nor do I fear walking my dog at midnight; such comments paint Sarnia with a stained brush.

Let’s cut back on the ‘bleeding heart’ rhetoric.

No doubt, our daily costs are increasing.

Our banking institutions, grocery retailers and petrochemical giants post record profits. A litre of petrol can jump 14 cents overnight.

Let’s not talk about our tele-communication fees.

We as Canadians just brush off these increases.

Skip the “double, double” and invest in our personal well-being.

Look back, at one time we entertained ‘de-funding’ of our blueline.

If 11.5% puts more boots on the streets, sir, I’m in!
Nurses, Fire Rescue, People Serving People, these funds ultimately support our community.

Mike Murray

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