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LETTER: Councillor revealed his ‘shallow nature’ in Oct. 16 meeting

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Dear Editor:

Re: City Council abruptly adjourns after councillor’s outburst

It was bad enough that councillor Dennis disrespected Mr. McConkey, and derailed his presentation, but he also found it necessary to verbally attack the mayor. Clearly, Mr. Dennis lacks professionalism, by descending into such outbursts.

Mr. Dennis’ personal opinion of those in the council chambers is of no importance to anyone, but himself. He is supposed to be concerned with the issues facing the city, and how to advance it, not dwelling on slights, perceived or otherwise.

He does himself a disservice, in that he reveals his shallow nature, by airing petty grievances. Mr. Dennis brings back memories of a previous council, many of whom shared similar traits. To be forewarned, is to be forearmed, come next election.

D. Allan

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