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LETTER: Citizens like Murray and Gwen Stephenson aren’t waiting for governments to step up to the plate

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Dear Editor,

Re: Connecting with the marginalized; Downtown drop-in centre making a difference

Another heartwarming story about the good that both Murray and Gwen Stephenson have been doing to help the marginalized people in Sarnia feel that someone actually cares about them, and wants to extend a helping hand, and a welcoming smile to those who don’t see any reason to go on living.

I sometimes lie awake at night praying that there will be more involvement from local and provincial governments to bring funds to all communities that are being overwhelmed with homeless individuals.

Citizens like Murray and his wife aren’t waiting for governments to step up to the plate.

It takes people from the community to actually put the wheels in motion and bring pressure on government agencies to stop passing the buck and use the tax money we, as citizens, pay out of our pockets and find the space and resources needed to help the homeless get back on their feet.

Members of various Catholic parishes in this city are meeting to discuss this very issue and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Mayor Mike, take note of the Stephensons and add them to your annual Mayor’s Honour Roll!

Rosemary French

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