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LETTER: Cancer patients like Denise Wade deserve better

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Dear Editor:

Re: ‘Fighting for her life’: Local woman holding protest outside MPPs office

Denise Wades’ cancer treatment will soon cost her $10,000 a month?

Every year there is the Terry Fox Run, bicycle, run and walk marathons, kids in front yard’s selling lemonade, death remembrance monetary donations etc., all in an effort to raise money for a cancer cure.

The cancer society would be nowhere without these people. 

I would think billions of dollars are raised by us, the “little guys” so drug companies can find new drugs to help battle this catastrophic disease.

Yet when one of us becomes ill with it, the drug that we helped develop is sold to us by a drug company for $10,000 a month.

Of course we can’t afford that.

Well maybe the chubby clubby cigar smoking bigwigs billionaires in drug company boardrooms can. 

If drug companies are going to charge these exorbitant fees for research, which was funded by our fundraisers, there should be a percentage of the monies doled out to cancer sufferers so they can be treated properly. 

Doug Hacking

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