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LETTER: Bridge closure causes headache

Published on

Dear Sir/Madam:

Bridges, like most other structures, need regular thorough inspection and maintenance. Our Blue Water Bridge is no exception. We are lucky, that our bridge is composed of two independent units.

So, currently one bridge is closed down for repairs, etc. while the other one is tasked to carry the traffic in both directions. It slows down the traffic, as I experienced going to the States (40 min).

I feel this would work out in the other direction if CBSA would not try to aggravate the situation. On Sunday (July 9) night, they kept only two gates (much later a third one was opened). The Nexus gate was also closed. The result was that the return trip took 75 minutes.

Thank you CBSA for the aggravation and for the extra air pollution – the idling cars kept their engines running – in handling the unusual traffic situation.

John Timar
Bright’s Grove

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