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LETTER: A plea to clear snowy driveways

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Dear Sir:

I enjoyed reading your first paper.

I’d like to add some information to the article you did about the snow on sidewalks.

For the past eight years, I have collected for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.  It’s always difficult trying to find a weekend (when most of my neighbours are at home) to get started when it isn’t too cold, snowy, wet or icy.  This year that proved impossible.

Last weekend, March 1, I was planning to get out as it was sunny and fine, but many of the houses had sheets of ice and frozen slush 10 feet wide or more at the bottom of their driveways.  This is because they didn’t clear the snow after the plough went by but just drove through it and then it melted and froze again.

I have had to let my H&S captain know that I was unable to collect this year, and I know others who have made the same decision.

Please, would people try to get the driveway clear right down to the road.  At least I had the choice of not going to the houses – our postal delivery people do not have that same choice.


Lynda Jenkins


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