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LETTER: “A debt free city is not progressive”

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Dear Editor:

I totally agree with Nathan Colquhoun’s comments in The Journal on May 24, 2023 (Tired of the mayor’s call for a ‘debt-free’ city).

A debt free city is not progressive. Like a business, you have to spend money to make money. Yes it costs a lot. It is advertising to come see us and have a great time. Sarnia, if we had more things happening, would be great for visitors. We have a few lovely parks, beach and great small restaurants.

But why do we have to suffer horrible roads so our cars will be affected. Will City Hall pay the bill?

We live just north of Northgate Plaza and our road is original, 67 years old. I talk to the super workers who patch up the road at least five times a year; hot patch, cold patch in whichever season, and they apologize that they have to do this. They said it would be better to replace the road. Here are working staff that know the difference. Finally after nagging City Hall and a neighbour who had a petition last year we will get our road fixed sometime this year.

Now Agora: I think that’s the most waste of money. Maybe we should make the design team, and whoever agreed, to just sit on a chair on the concrete in 30C, or in the pouring rain without any shelter. Horrible design.

I may come across as a complainer but I just want Sarnia to become the city I chose to come back to after half my life away. 

Margaret Banovsky Holmes 


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