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Lambton College launches the Canadian Extrusion Research Lab

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Journal staff

Lambton College recently announced the establishment of the Canadian Extrusion Research Lab (CERL) — a facility dedicated to “sustainable and Circular Economy-focused material development.”

The new lab aims to foster partnerships between academia and industry, supporting up to 40 companies annually, a news release stated, adding that the facility was made possible through a two-phase investment exceeding $3.4 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Ontario Research Fund (ORF).

“With a strong emphasis on innovative materials derived from renewable and recycled sources, the CERL represents a significant step towards sustainable material evolution,” the college added. “The College’s Centre for Industrial Material Development will oversee the operations of this premier hub, with a focus on utilizing the lab for collaborative industry-academic research and innovation.”

The new lab features two pilot-scale extrusions and various utilities such as feeders, granulators, pelletizers, injection molders, and weatherometers.

In the coming months, the college has plans to integrate 10 additional pieces of equipment, including a Microcompounder, High Temperature Gel Permeability Chromatography, rheometer, XRF, benchtop NMR, a Blow Moulding System, and a dedicated grinding facility.

“This is not just an extension of our R&D capabilities, it’s a crucible for nurturing hands-on learning experiences for our students through research roles and co-op positions,” said Mehdi Sheikhzadeh, Senior Vice President, Research & Innovation at Lambton College.

Sheikhzadeh said the new lab has the capacity to provide up to 50 students per year with access to research opportunities and real-world learning, leveraging the state-of-the-art equipment available via the CERL.

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