The Journal trivia challenge

1.      According to his biography, the Irish-born St. Columba made the first reported sighting of what Scottish monster in 565 AD?

  2.     As the signs indicate, what date completes Point Edward’s motto: “Progressively Independent Since ____”?

3.      The name of what spice can precede beer, bread, and snap?

4.      What multi-use trail, which runs 16 kilometers from Sarnia to Camlachie, was named in the 1990s in honour of a former Sarnia Township Councillor?

5.      Before becoming a late night talk show host, who was a writer and supervising producer for The Simpsons?

6.      What six time Olympian is visiting Sarnia this week as the keynote speaker for Bluewater Health’s fundraiser for mental health and addiction programs?

7.      In the 19th century story by American author Washington Irving, what character naps for twenty years in the Catskills?

8.      Theatre Sarnia opens this week with a musical comedy about a true life con artist, based on what 2002 movie of the same name starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks?

9.      What late musician’s guitar rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” was a highlight of the music festival Woodstock in 1969?

10.     In World War I, British soldiers nicknamed the Mack AC Trucks used by the Allies after what tough breed of dog?

ANSWERS: 1 – Lock Ness Monster (Nessie);   2 –  1878;   3 – Ginger;  4 – Howard Watson;  5 –  Conan O’Brien;   6 –  Clara Hughes;  7 – Rip Van Winkle;   8 –  Catch Me If You Can;   9 – Jimi Hendrix;  10 –  Bulldog