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Is Trick Or Treating A Dying Tradition?

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The Sarnia Journal has partnered with the nuSarnia Foundation to feature a series of stories promoting active transportation and community wellness.

By: The nuSarnia Foundation

Trick-or-treating, a cherished Halloween tradition, appears to be gradually declining in popularity, particularly in North America. While many kids still walk through neighbourhoods in costumes on the hunt for candy, many have turned to alternative Halloween activities, such as “trunk or treat.”

The decline in trick-or-treating is not because kids have lost interest in free candy. Instead, it may be linked to diminishing social bonds within our neighbourhoods and cities—a phenomenon largely influenced by the design and construction of our urban environments.

Does your neighbourhood pass the trick or treat test?

Can children safely navigate from one house to another in your neighbourhood, without fear of cars and covering long distances?

How many of your neighbours do you know and interact with?

Do the houses have prominent front doors and/or porches encouraging interaction?

Do you trust that there are eyes on the street helping to keep your neighbourhood safe and welcoming?

Do you plan on taking your kids trick-or-treating this year?

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