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This week’s edition of The Journal contains a full-page advertisement outlining changes coming to our distribution system.

Prior to the COVID pandemic, we were able to provide a free publication to our readers based solely on the revenue generated from our advertisers. In addition, we could deliver it free of charge directly to most households in our coverage area.

But COVID has had a devastating impact on local retail business operators, and many have had to scale back on their advertising costs.

With reduced revenues, The Journal has needed to make changes as well. We’ve reduced staff and, for much of the pandemic, shifted to every-other week publication. Given the slow on-going economic recovery, we need to make another change.

Rest assured, The Journal will remain a free publication, both in print and online. However, we can no longer afford the significant cost of free delivery to households.

Starting with the November 18th edition, our readers will have three options from which to choose:

1)     The Journal will be available for pick up at multiple locations in Sarnia and Lambton County (see below for a detailed list of locations). These locations will be stocked and refilled during the week to ensure you should always be able to find a copy.

2)     A home delivery option using Canada Post is also available. The cost for this option is $1.50 per delivery, with the paper arriving as addressed mail to your household.

This charge is a delivery fee to cover the cost of preparation, administration and mailing.

3)     A complete virtual edition of The Journal, in its entirety, available on-line on our website at www.thesarniajournal.ca

These are difficult times, and this is a difficult request to ask of our readers. But it’s a change that has to be made to meet the challenges of the current economic environment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Daryl Smith

General Manager

The Sarnia Journal



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