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Hatfields and McCoys have nothing on feud at City Hall

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George Mathewson

Those who follow the political climate in Sarnia are well aware of the rancor involving some members of council, most notably Cindy Scholten and Matt Mitro, and Mayor Mike Bradley.

Council has twice censured the mayor for harassing and bullying staff, and complaints filed with the city’s integrity commissioner over breaches of its own self-imposed code of conduct.

The likelihood of those divisions healing before the October, 2018 election appears to be nil.

Below is an excerpt from the Oct. 2 council meeting. At issue was the protocol for holding a meeting closed to the public (in-camera) and whether administration is required to notify the mayor in advance. For the record:

MIKE BRADLEY: “These are fundamental issues, and I go back to the meeting this afternoon. That we weren’t consulted on an in-camera meeting, which in my view as chair, should not have been in-camera.”

MATT MITRO: “Sir, we dealt with all of the items that are listed on there, in that meeting, as to how and why you have to have a closed meeting. I can’t believe you would say that out loud.”

BRADLEY: “Well, you heard me say it.”

MITRO: “That is crazy.”

BRADLEY: “This afternoon the in-camera meeting on the boat ramps should have been all public.”

MITRO: “Absolutely untrue.”

BRADLEY: (turns to a delegation presenting a housing development proposed for the Bright’s Grove Golf Club). “I apologize to you. This is an internal issue here. I ask you to please go on. This may be why developers have some challenges in Sarnia.”


MITRO: (Pointing finger) “Point of order. If you wish to debate, sir, get out of the chair! Have someone else come, and let’s go, OK? Come on!”







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