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GUEST COLUMNIST: The green, green grass of home

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Becky Krukowski

My name is Becky and I am a young professional in Sarnia.

I still consider myself a recent graduate (even though I graduated three years ago). It took me two years to find a “real” job. Sorry if you do not like the terminology, but I graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelors of Commerce and was working at Starbucks for two years – a great company, but not where I pictured myself.

I was content to stay in Hamilton and was convinced I would find a job there or in the GTA, so I was surprised to find myself moving back to my hometown for the opportunity of Program Manager of Junior Achievement of South Western Ontario – definitely a much longer title than Shift Supervisor at Starbucks.

Moving back was not a dream of mine – ever. Now, having been back for a year, I cannot imagine being anywhere else. I now live in a city that pulls over/stops for emergency vehicles and funeral processions. In Hamilton, you were lucky to see anyone pull over for an ambulance or fire truck, never mind a funeral procession!

We have a great sense of community that is contagious, and as a new homeowner in Sarnia it is nice to actually know my neighbours.

As for being a new homeowner, that comes with its own set of rules and an enormous learning curve. For example, cutting the grass with a gas-powered lawn mower. It sounds simple enough and I have cut grass before, but with an electric lawn mower I plugged it in, pulled a handle and it started. My biggest worry was to not run over the electrical cord, which my parents were sure to reiterate at great lengths.

I have recently been instructed in how to use a gas lawn mower. I wonder if my mom noticed the glazed look in my eyes as I learned about the choke – don’t tell her, but I still don’t know what it is! Then came the exciting part of actually starting the lawn mower.

I started to question why I went to the gym as it took me no less than ten tries to get it going with the pull-start! When it finally happened, the excitement caused me to release the safety handle and my lawn mower promptly shut off.

The good news is – I have long, luscious grass and I’m now looking into the bylaw restrictions on having a goat in a residential area.

 Becky Krukowski is the local Program Manager for Junior Achievement of South Western Ontario

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