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GUEST COLUMN: Give peace a chance

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Michele Dionne

Today my Facebook status reads: “Michele Dionne wished she could sprinkle positive energy sparkles on her negative friends so they could see how truly awesome they are.”

There is no magic dust that spreads positive vibrations, but many people worldwide are starting to believe we can share positive energy through meditation, and generally feeling good ourselves.

Positive energy is a powerful force, and as scientists back this statement up, people around the globe are using meditation daily to improve their lives and reduce stress.

Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra held a worldwide meditation recently in Toronto, attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the largest synchronized online meditation. Some 15,000 participants were needed to set the record, but they ended up with more than six times that number of registered participants, more than live in our city.

Can you imagine if one day, for 15 minutes, all of Sarnia sat quietly, eyes closed, trying to focus on absolutely nothing? Or took the easier route of listening to a short, guided meditation through headphones?

For some, it would be a challenge to just stop for that brief amount of time. It’s like rebooting yourself and resetting your default settings. It takes time to get the hang of it, but once you get comfortable with the routine you will find yourself more energized and clear-headed. It’s like a real-time break from reality, a time to truly focus and listen to your true self.

While researching Deepak’s event I found many additional websites for similar events promoting peace and a better quality of living. One group meditates the first Sunday of every month from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. With every time zone participating, it’s like a rotating wave of positive energy. What an awesome concept, and if it truly works, then the consistent blast should spread peace and love through the communities around the world as it grows.

I don’t watch much mass media, but can’t avoid all the chaos in the world. Some may think I’m delusional to think ‘good vibrations’ can initiate world peace. But just answer me this. What would it hurt to give it a try?

I have had my share of traumatic experiences in life, had my own ups and downs, and meditation has helped me work through some of the more challenging times. Today, I inspire and mentor others on positive thinking.

Isn’t it worth it to feel good every day, feeling like you can handle whatever life throws at you? John Lennon said it to the world all those years ago and it still rings true today: “Just give peace a chance.”

 Michele Dionne a long-time Sarnian who created and maintains the online entertainment guide


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