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GUEST COLUMN: Christ would be appalled by many “Christian” views

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Nathan Colquhoun

The amount of drivel that comes from Christians in public dialogue, especially in opinion pieces, is disheartening.

A few letters to the editor in the recent months stood out for me, especially those by G. Douglas Neely, Ann Allen and Daniel Marshall. Speaking as a committed follower of Christ, I want to offer some advice to these Christians and those that would align with them.

First, it’s important to realize we do not live in a Christian nation. Our laws aren’t Christian. Our politicians aren’t Christian. Our media is not Christian. So all letters starting on that premise are likely to be written off very quickly.

A wide representation in our media is a must and should be encouraged and intentional. That should sit well with you, and not cause your angry letters. Christianity only makes sense when it is not in power. We’ve tried that. It doesn’t work.

Second, when you complain about the new health curriculum, or prayer before council meetings, or rant about homosexuality and Muslims, please be aware you are not speaking on behalf of Christ. More than likely, he is appalled at your point of view.

Think critically, ask hard questions and engage in dialogue – but stop assuming you are right and your understanding of Christianity is the only acceptable one. Jesus sides against the Christian in most cultural issues. The Pharisees learned the hard way.

Third, you have one job. Be a source of love, grace and peace to everyone you come in contact with. Bottom line.

It is not your job to be the moral police or educate the masses on your limited view of Christianity. Love your enemies. Love the homosexual and those who have abortions. Love the homeless. Love the politician. Love the guy who stole your bike. Love your next-door neighbours and our First Nations neighbours. Love the Muslim. Love the punk kid who peed in your yard.

Just find more ways to love people, and stop finding ways to tell everyone they are wrong.

It’s time we start hearing more Christian voices that actually sound like Christ. Where are the Christians crying out about shutting down River City Vineyard’s homeless shelter, and the embarrassing waste of money the city spent on making that happen?

Where are the Christians fighting alongside Aamjiwnaang residents for their rights against the chemical industry, and showing concern for their health?

Where are the Christians who go into society’s gutters and stand in solidarity with the marginalized?

They are out there. They just aren’t as loud, I guess. Or maybe, they aren’t even Christians.

Nathan Colquhoun is a director and owner of Storyboard Solutions and the Refined Fool Brewing Company and a pastor at theStory 


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