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Five local students advance to national science fair

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Journal Staff

Five local students are moving on to the Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF) after a successful local fair held in-person for the first time in two years.

“It went exceptionally well,” Lambton County Science Fair spokesperson Peter Smith said of the event, which drew about 40 projects from 50 students earlier this month.

Last year’s virtual fair had about 30 entries, and prior to the pandemic it typically attracted 100 entries.

“Part of what makes this event so good is the public input — the parents, the judges being able to walk about, see the projects and ask questions. It’s all part of the atmosphere,” Smith said.

Many of the impressive entries focused on health care and the environment, he added.

“It’s really grown over the past ten years, and we’re hoping to get back to that.”

Headed to the national fair, held virtually May 16-20, are:

* Annabelle Rayson — “Plankton Wars: An Innovative Analysis of Daphnia Genotype Biomanipulation for Algae Bloom Prevention

* Safia Deol — “Bobas for Boo Boos: Using Seaweed Derived Polymers for Surgical Procedures”

* Krish Modi — “Pee Xylophone: A Novel Non-Invasive System to Measure Bladder Pressure”

* Kiran Prasad & Arushi Rawat — “A Novel Approach to Increasing the Carbon Dioxide Absorption and Alkalinity of the Ocean”

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