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First ever ‘Vegfest’ at Canatara is just the veganning

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Tara Jeffrey

Residents are invited to ‘get their veg on’ at Canatara Park this summer.

So says Tosha Lobsinger, organizer of Sarnia’s first-ever ‘Vegfest’ – a celebration of all things vegan taking place Sunday July 9 at Canatara Park.

“Sarnia Vegfest is a celebration of vegan food and products in Southwestern Ontario,” said Lobsinger, who was inspired by similar events she’s attended in London and Toronto.

“Experiencing how these festivals brought their communities together to educate, inspire and celebrate veganism always left me feeling hopeful for the future.”

Led by a small committee of organizers, Sarnia’s event is set to include vegan vendors, guest speakers, live music, cooking demonstrations, documentary screenings and more.

Food vendors will include Sarnia’s Greens Organic Cafe and London’s Globally Local, as well as a showing of the investigative documentary, What the Health.

“Information is power,” said Lobsinger. “We want to share what we’ve learned and we want to celebrate the mountains of positive change that come along with veg life.”

According to the Dietitians of Canada, a vegan diet includes grains, vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts. It excludes meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs and products containing these foods.

“Through choosing vegan, we improve human health, create a more sustainable environment, reduce the waste of food and resources, and eliminate animal cruelty,” said Lobsinger, who, in the past, has organized documentary screenings at the Sarnia Library about the environment and animal rights.

“I’m hoping that people of all ages and backgrounds can come soak up some veg vibes and experience the peace and love that underlies the vegan movement.”



WHAT: Sarnia Vegfest

WHEN: Sunday, July 9

WHERE: Canatara Park, Sarnia

DETAILS: Visit or email [email protected]


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