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As planned, Fantasy Island remake not the worst movie out right now

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These are the rules – each guest on Fantasy Island may have one fantasy as long as they agree to play out that fantasy to its natural conclusion.

Seems simple enough. But it should come with the warning – be careful what you wish for because a fantasy and the reality of a fantasy are two very different things.

So when a group of bright-eyed and bushytailed beautiful young people land on the island with dreams of momentarily having it all and getting revenge on childhood bullies, they discuss whether these fantasies are executed with holograms or actors – not whether they’ll make it off the island alive.

The key to any Blumhouse horror film, produced by mega-horror producer Jason Blum, is to shoot on the cheap. These films never have a budget over $10 million and it’s usually closer to half that. They use recognizable but cost-effective “C” list actors, and are released on a weekend, when it’s the best new option at theatres among a lackluster or downright terrible bunch of new releases.

The formula has proven to be incredibly lucrative, and Fantasy Island will be no different.

Starring Veronica Mars’ former foe Dick Casablancas, a Pretty Little Liar, that guy you’ve definitely seen in a movie before but couldn’t name if your life depended on it, and Maggie Q, Fantasy Island is a film that solidly qualifies as an excuse to eat movie popcorn.

The twists and turns (are you starring in your own fantasy or are you starring in someone else’s?) are so constant they keep you guessing about what will happen next, though the scares are seriously lacking.

Throwback Easter eggs to the original TV series are plentiful, if overused. Not every character needs a chance to yell “The plane! The plane!”

But in the end, Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island is a fairly enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours at the theatre. The producers have once again achieved their goal of, “not the worst movie available right now,” and will be rewarded for it.

Vicky Sparks is a Bright’s Grove native and movie critic for Global TV’s The Morning Show, which airs nationally on Fridays. Journal Reviews cover movies playing at Galaxy Cinemas Sarnia



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