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Family film fundraiser a personal cause for organizer

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Troy Shantz

The relationship between Noelle’s Gift and new fundraiser organized by the South Western International Film Festival is personal one, says organizer Ravi Srinivasan.

“I was a very close friend with Noelle all through high school, pretty much from Grade 10 on,” he said.

Ravi Srinivasan
Ravi Srinivasan

Srinivasan and Paquette both attended the University of Ottawa and he would spend time with her family at Christmas.

Noelle’s Gift was created after Paquette, a kindergarten teacher, was murdered on New Year’s Day in 2013. The charity provides essentials for student in need, including lunches and school supplies.

SWIFF’s ‘Fam’ Jam,’ a Saturday afternoon family film screening on Nov. 5, will contribute 100% of the ticket sales to the cause.

“It was something I had thought about from the beginning,” said Srinivasan, who came up with the idea working with Kara Ciccarelli, another mutual friend of Noelle’s.
Srinivasan said the Paquette family was supportive, knowing Noelle’s friendship meant a lot to Srinivasan and Ciccarelli.
“I was always the guy watching obscure, independent films and I’d try to get my friends to watch them with me,” he said.
“It was always a funny battle to try to get (Noelle) into stuff that I would be watching.
“I know that Noelle would’ve been super supportive of SWIFF. She would’ve been the first person sharing all of the events, inviting people to all the events.”
This year’s Fam’ Jam film is Jumanji, the 1995 classic film starring Robin Williams.

Srinivasan believes it will resonate with a new generation of parents and children, the same demographic Noelle’s Gift aims to serve.
“For me being in Toronto I don’t get an opportunity to participate in a lot of the Noelle’s gift events that take place here year round,” he said.
“I’m really looking forward to this being an annual thing.”


WHAT: SWIFF and Noelle’s Gift presents: SWIFF Fam’ Jam, featuring Jumanji

WHERE: The Imperial Theatre

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 5 @ 1:00 p.m.

TICKETS: $12. Children 14 and under free. All ticket sales to support Noelle’s Gift

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