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GUEST COLUMN: The exciting day I met my Grandpa

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Umar Iqbal

It was June 1 when my dad announced we were going to Pakistan. I was really excited!

When the day finally arrived, everyone was running around. When we were 10 minutes away from leaving, I asked, ‘’Mom, when are we leaving?”

I was excited to see all my family relatives, but most of all I was excited to see my Grandpa. He might be old, but I thought he’d be awesome!

But you never know what can happen, or when.

‘’KIDS! COME ON, IT’S TIME TO GO!’’ yelled my dad. Me and my two sisters squealed with excitement.

‘’YES! WE’RE FINALLY GOING,” I yelled. We got into our van and took off to the airport.

When we were at the airport I couldn’t help asking my mom, “What does Grandpa look like?”

My mom replied, “You’ll see when we get there.’’

I groaned.

‘’How long will it take us to get there?’’ I asked my dad, impatiently. Two days, my dad replied. My mouth fell open and stayed that way.

After like a million hours we finally got onto the plane, and when it took off, BOY, my sister was probably the most scairdest person on the whole, entire plane.

After two days we finally got to the Pakistani airport. I saw my uncle (he’s a police officer) and my older cousin.

After we got through the crowd of people we went to my Grandma’s house (on my dad’s side). After I met everyone, I went upstairs to play with my cousins. After spending a night there we took some of our suitcases and headed to my other grandma’s house.

Everyone there was so glad to see us. And we were glad to see them, too.

Then came the moment I’d been waiting for. I was finally going to see my Grandpa!

I had seen him before, when I was one year old, but no one can really see when they’re one! After my mom, and then my dad, it was MY turn. I was so excited, which is why I met him real joyfully. Then I met Grandma, with the same amount of joy.

Then, suddenly, I heard a scream. It was my sister. She was scared of my Grandpa! I fell on the floor laughing. My sister ran to my mom crying.

We stayed there for about thee nights and then went back to my other grandma’s house. We did that process for about two months, before we had to go.

After we said our goodbyes, we left for the airport and took the plane back to Canada.

Two months later, we found out that my Grandpa had died. It was really sad.

Umar Iqbal is a Grade 5 student at Cathcart Boulevard School


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