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EDITOR’S NOTE: What’s happening with local news, social media and Bill C-18

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By now, you may be aware that Meta has moved to block access to Canadian news on Facebook and Instagram, following the passage of the Online News Act (Bill C-18).

What does this mean for The Journal?

The move is already impacting The Journal this week. You may have received messages telling you that our content us unavailable, both on Facebook and Instagram. Others may still be able to see our posts, for now.

To be blunt – this is devastating for us. As a small, independent, digital news outlet, we rely on the use of social media to help our stories reach a broader audience. That includes nearly 10,000 Facebook followers who view and share our content.

How can you help?

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What does this mean for Canadian news?

“People in Canada will no longer be able to view or share news on Facebook and Instagram, including news content posted by news outlets,” noted a statement from META – which owns and operates Facebook and Instagram, among other services. “In addition, people in Canada will no longer see links or content from any news outlet Pages or Accounts.”

What is the Online News Act?

Bill C-18 became law in June, and  requires tech giants like Meta and Google to negotiate with Canadian news organizations to compensate them for reposting their content. Proponents argue it will be a lifeline to Canada’s struggling news industry. Critics call the law flawed, unfair and unworkable.

Google and also plans to remove links to Canadian news from Search, News, and Discover products in response to the bill.

Local journalism helps build community, inform citizens, and change lives.

We are committed to bringing you the news that matters — we just may need to work a little harder to make sure you’re seeing it.

Thank you to our readers, advertisers and partners for your continued support.

Tara Jeffrey
Editor, The Sarnia Journal


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