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Donation could make new Showmobile affordable

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Troy Shantz

A donation from Bluewater Power could help city council decide to replace Sarnia’s grounded Showmobile with a new portable stage.

“As part of our 100-year anniversary we wanted to give to our community what we called a legacy gift,” CEO Janice McMichael-Dennis said of the $87,000 donation.

The size of the gift was determined by the fact Sarnia owns 87% of Bluewater Power shares, she said.

“We’re open to anything that’s going to bring value to our community and something that the community would appreciate.”

The decision on a new Showmobile at a cost of $175,000 has been deferred to council budget deliberations next month.

The current unit is valued by the community but is more than 40 years old, said city recreation and planning manager Ryan Chamney.

The new Showmobile being consider features a stage floor 24 feet by 20 feet (7.3m by 6.1m) as well as hydraulics, stairways, basic sound and lighting and an approved accessibility lift.

Additions funds would need to come from the recreation and planning department budget next year.

If the Showmobile is approved the city intends to run its operation on a more business-like footing.

Cost of renting the unit could climb to $800 from $470, with a proposed fee for non-profits of $640.

The stage could fetch more than $10,000 a year under the new rental structure, city staff says.





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