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Crafting ‘recovery pieces’ helps woman battle eating disorder

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Tara Jeffrey

Kinleigh Stewart’s handmade jewelry is so much more than a hobby.

Kinleigh Stewart find solace in crafting jewelry she calls 'Recovery Pieces.'
Kinleigh Stewart

“I usually make them when I’m in a mood,” said the 26 year-old, who recently returned from treatment for an eating disorder, and began crafting her jewelry as a means of personal therapy. “So, while I’m making it, I use what I’m feeling to name it.”

“It’s been my saving grace.”

Many of her pieces come from Sarnia’s Stones ‘N Bones museum, including a raw amethyst, wrapped in rose gold, chained along with Swarovski crystal beads and a “Choose Happy” charm.

Or “Pit of my Mind,” made from hand picked howlite stones, which are believed to calm the mind and relieve stress, insomnia and an overactive mind.

“In treatment, they gift us carnelian stones when we’re in the program,” said Stewart, noting the stone is said to quell anxiety and eating disorders.

She began posting her finished pieces on social media. When custom orders began flooding in she decided to launch an online Etsy shop.

She’s also able to engrave words and phrases onto custom pieces.

“Which is great, because you can personalize it to whatever you want it to be,” she said. “The idea is, you think of your words — whatever you find important or what shouts out at you or inspires you.”

She’s also launched a special series of “Stay Alive” and “I am Strong” bracelets, with 10% of proceeds going to mental health and eating disorder initiatives.

“Some people just like them, and that’s fine,” said Stewart. “But the idea is, that people will choose their own words it will help them share own stories.

“That is the hope.”

For more, visit her Etsy page, or search her on instagram.


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