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Coyotes sighted during daytime hours

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Journal Staff
Seen a coyote lately? You’re not alone and there’s no need to panic, city police say.
A coyote has been seen during daytime hours walking through residential neighbourhoods east of Canatara Park. Daytime sightings have also occurred in other parts of Sarnia and Point Edward recently.

Though coyotes are normally more active at night they will venture out during the day, and if you happen to see one just stay away and leave it alone, said Sarnia Police Const. Giovanni Sottosanti.

“They are not known to approach humans but are rather very timid and tend to run away.”
To reduce interactions, residents are advised to not leave their garbage out and to keep small pets indoors, especially at night.

And there is no need to call police unless the animal appears ill or rabid, Sottosanti said.
Coyotes have been living in the city for at least 20 years now and are most often encountered near nature trails and parks, and during winter on river and lake ice.

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