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Council tries one more time to resolve plaza traffic spat

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The city will try one more time to discourage motorists from accessing the Bright’s Grove Plaza from Kaymar Crescent.

A concrete traffic island was added in November to restrict large vehicles and provide some traffic “calming” for the street, but its associated signs were vandalized and flexible bollards stolen, a staff report says.

The plaza’s owner added “local traffic only” and “no trucks” signs. The first set of signs was vandalized and the second stolen.

When city staff returned to install new bollards, they also attached a security camera to a streetlight pole. Someone brought a ladder, climbed the pole, blocked the camera, and removed the bollards again.

Though a minority of neighbours want the plaza access point closed most favour the status quo.

Council decided last week to try one more time by adding concrete jersey barriers to the traffic island.


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